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melissa lomas, yoga, counselling, creativity

yoga • counselling • creativity

individuals and workshops
sound, meditation
movement, breathwork

The ancient Indian teachings of Yoga offer a variety of tools for practice – movement, breathwork, relaxation, meditation, chanting and sound. I make use of all of these tools in my Yoga teaching practice, working to help students explore different ways of developing strength and flexibility; building energy and cultivating relaxation; establishing healthy breathing patterns; and experiencing a good sense of well-being.

person centred
individuals, couples
adult adoption support

Person Centred Counselling is a talking therapy that offers a safe space and dedicated time to explore any issues. I offer sessions on an individual basis and work with clients in an empathic, non-judgemental and honest way to allow them the freedom to explore their issues as fully as possible. This way of working can be intense and incredibly powerful. Therapy can bring about profound and lasting changes for the client, improving their sense of self-worth and allowing them to live their lives more fully.

colour, texture
form, pattern
movement, stillness

I work with a variety of Creative practices including painting, drawing, photography, textiles, writing and gardening. These practices can be therapeutic, meditative and physical and are a continuation of my Yoga and Counselling work. In my own practice, and when shared with students and clients, these Creative practices offer the opportunity to shift perspective and preconceptions; to surprise; and explore different ways of relating to the world.